Tell family, friends, and teammates about enrolling with AASR's 

College Matching Program (CMP) and receive $25 for EACH! 

AASR will credit your CMP balance $25 (or mail you $25) for EACH referred prospect that also enrolls within 14 days of your initial enrollment.  The Friends and Family Referral Program gives you an opportunity to get your CMP absolutely FREE!!!

BONUS!  AASR will give a $25 discount to each of your enrolled referrals!


You and your parents can share your recruiting website and CMP page with your booster club(s), other prospects and their parents on social media and email. Just share your enrollment experience with them!  Anyone can make referrals...Start Now!

You can also enter contact information below for prospects that need recruitment help.  We will contact them explaining how AASR's College Matching Program can help them sign with a college athletic program. When they enroll, we'll contact you about your balance credit or check! 

Family and Friends Referral Rules 

  1. You cannot refer yourself.
  2. You must provide a first name, last name, and e-mail address for both referrer (you) and referee (your friend).
  3. Your referral must be a new All-American Sports Recruiting recruiting prospect.
  4. This offer cannot be combined with any other AASP offers or promotions. 

We respect your family and friend's privacy. Under no circumstances will All-American Sports Recruiting 

use your friend's personal information for any purpose other than informing them about the College Matching 


Contact us with questions.  (832) 851-4253 or