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The information below is intended to provide parents with a summary about how AASR helps student-athletes sign with college athletic programs and scholarships.   

College Matching Program - For families that do not have the time and experience to control the student-athletes recruitment.  AASR will handle the recruiting process.  This program has a 100% money back guarantee since we handle the recruitment.  If we do not find the student-athlete a college to play sports at  while promoting them for scholarships, we will give a full refund to the family and continue to promote the student-athlete absolutely free!  

Sports Specific Recruiting - Learn what college coaches are looking for at each level.

Contact us if you don't know where to start or how the recruiting process works!

Recruiting Website - Customized for your student-athlete.  Included with the College Matching 


with recruitment and registration questions.  We'll be glad to help!