Recruiting Goals

·  Commit to a College Athletic Program

·   Sign an Athletic Scholarship

Value to Parents

Guaranteed evaluation by college coaches for scholarship consideration, which could save families 10’s of thousands of dollars on college tuition and fees each year! 

About AASR

Coach Eli Herrera started AASR in 2008 after a 13 year college coaching career.  AASR has associate scouts to advise college prospects. 

AASR Success Rates

·   99.8% of AASR college prospects sign 

    with a college sports program 

·   83.7% sign an athletic or academic


2018-19 NCAA I Signing Dates

Basketball (Early)            Nov 14-21

Football (Early)                Dec 19-21

All Other Sports               Nov 14

Basketball (Regular)       Apr 17 - May 15

D1 Football (Regular)      Feb 6 - Apr 1

All Other Sports              Nov 14 - Aug 1

How AASR Helps

·   Regional and Nationwide College 

    Matching Programs for all sports 


·   Personalized recruiting website to 

    send profile updates to college 

    coaches each week. 

·   Get evaluated for scholarships by  

    college coaches.

·   Schedule camps and tryouts

·   Recruiting process advising  

·   AASR does the recruiting work to 

    save parents time.

College Matching Program

·   Regional & Nationwide Options

·   Flexible Installment Plans 

·   Call/Text (832) 851-4253

Next Steps

Contact AASR to discuss your recruiting goals, academic & athletic qualifications, recruiting process for your sport, recruiting deadlines, and College Matching Program options. 


Call/Text: (832) 851-4253