2014 Women's Gymnastics  

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Uneven Bars:  

Jump to high bar, kip, cast to handstand, clear hip handstand, overshoot, toe catch to high bar, kip, cast to handstand, giant, giant, double layout dismount

Working on:  Tkatchev, clear hip shaposh, toe hand

Balance Beam:

1/1 turn

Tour jete 1/2, split jump

Switch leap, back tuck

One-arm flip flop, back layout step-out

Round-off, back 2/1 dismount

Working on:  Side ariel, sheep jump

Floor Exercise:  

Round-off, flip flop, double tuck

Switch split leap, tour jete 1/2

Round-off, flip flop, back layout 3/2, front pike

Double turn

Round-off, flip flop, double full

Working on:  Front hand spring, front layout, front full

Double pike

Back 2 1/2 twist


Yurchenko Layout Full

Working on:  Yurchenko layout 1/1